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Employee Assistance Program

Why turn to Jacques Lamarre + Associés for the implementation and management of your employee assistance program?

In an increasingly demanding world, where there is growing pressure to perform, the implementation of an employee assistance program is an essential prevention and intervention tool.

The implementation of an EAP allows you to effectively manage psychosocial-related personal problems that may have an impact on your organization and aims to minimize any such impact on your company's overall performance.

It has been clearly demonstrated that the many difficulties employees encounter, both professionally and personally, directly affect their job performance. Absenteeism, lateness, errors and accidents are all factors which, in the long term, constitute major losses for your organization.

Therefore, the implementation of an employee assistance program constitutes a true solution to your problems.

Our main objectives are to:

Help individuals and their family members resolve a vast range of problems that affect the quality of their personal or professional life.

Support managers, employee representatives or other individuals assisting employees whose work performance is being affected by personal problems.

Develop a corporate culture focused on prevention, mutual aid and finding solutions to employees´ personal, professional and interpersonal problems.

Jacques Lamarre + Associés´s Employee Assistance Program management services ... A valuable asset for any organization.

Throughout the years, our specialists have gained extensive expertise, which establishes us as leaders in our field.

Our expertise has been acquired through years of experience in the field and has allowed us to design employee assistance programs that are tailored to your specific needs.

We offer employee assistance programs that reflect your corporate culture and your management philosophy, and that can easily be incorporated in your own employee assistance programs.

Here are some of the services you will find in our assistance programs:

Information gathering from managers and employee representatives.

Programs for the promotion and development of tools (booths, leaflets, posters, etc.).

Training programs for managers and employee representatives.

Fast and confidential evaluation of professional problems.

Short-term consulting services.

Referral to specialized resources.

Post-traumatic intervention service.

Prevention program (workshops, conferences, etc.).

Consulting services to ensure the adequate performance of you EAP.

Anonymous and confidential quantitative and qualitative reports.

Tailored programs for small businesses.